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    Ze dinner #college #pals #booze #foodporn #oldfriends #goodlaugh #love :D

    Ze dinner #college #pals #booze #foodporn #oldfriends #goodlaugh #love :D

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Life is like a Roller-Coaster. It's a fast-phase, adrenaline-pouring, hyper-ventilating ride. By which you have no choice once you give yourself in the moment. All you have to do is feel the thrill, experience every loop-holes, curves, side tracks, struggles, and ups and downs and have fun. :)
Let yourself be a part of these great chained machine. Let yourself experience every straight and tangled pathways in your journey, for life has full of surprises. You laugh now and cry the day after, you cease the day with mourns and swoons and end-up smiling again. And love and hate are always intertwined. Yet sometimes, it's the other way around. Because life is a thread of irony; it's a panorama of joyful grins and melancholy, it's the smile curved in your face and the cuts etched in your wrist... Because it's always the things you've learned from the way you bleed.
Life is unfair but it really is not, it's just a part of the crazy ride we are always in to.

I am Jojo, and I want to showcase it all here in my humble page.
So, brace yourself, hold on to dear life, whether with eyes closed or mouths wide open. Feel everything (with arms thrown in the air) and enjoy this eternal joyride :D