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    "Yes I admit there are nights where I still see myself with you, skipping class or doing picnic, the old-school date over movies, hot pop corn and midnight stars. And how we spent for concert tickets, singing our lungs out and dancing to whatever, and kissing in the rain under the umbrella after all of that. Or just our plain breakfast together is still a lovely sight. I still long for your lips, your angst and how you hate the world sometimes, Of how it is to be in the middle of all the unfair things in life and how you see yourself and wants to stay forever as a child. Oh I love to do arts with such an inspiration! With just my heart as a medium…Yeah those are the times where the night was young, and so were we. But this euphoria now is being nasty, it stings. It’s unhealthy, for nostalgia is a friend, but most of the time, a bitch you just want to power-slap. Twice. No, make it three times."
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    "Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else."
    - Mark Twain  (via heartskippedabeatsue)

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    "Like the earth and moon
    I am covered
    with craters and scars.
    That is not something
    I need to be saved from."
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    Old Soul.

    I love the sight and smell of sunflowers and blueberries dancing in the wind. Of how they kissed my cheeks as the sight of foggy morning dew and birds chirping unfolds, as if greeting me, to have a good day. Perched on my left hand, a newly brewed coffee, smoking still for all of its glory. While on the right, the freshly printed morning newspaper, to keep me up to date. While in the porch with all the jams, fruits and bread. Marveling in this magnificent view, that this fast-paced life seems no one at all appreciates.

    Waking extra early in the morning does not burden me at all. They’re making fun of this notion of not taking any motorized ride and rather choosing my own “two’s” for transport, but them foolish don’t know. Because I’d rather walk for quite a mile, to gawk, and awe on this beautiful vastness of the sea opposing the nearby forest: I prefer to walk in the middle of them for their scent sends me to somewhere ethereal, a palpable decadence that no senses can easily taste. Of how the briny pungency of seaweeds and wet sand marries the dead bark and newborn sprouts. Of how as I walk, the bull shark and Orca swims side to side, while the leopard seal hunts the multicolored school of fish that flies underneath. And as the deer and owl of the forest’s having their pre-dawn chitchat, and the wolf mulching to things I don’t wanna know, while the tiger to his tigress make love. As the pebbles beneath my toes giggle to things I don’t know.

    As I reached the workplace, pressed the elevator door to level 9, and with all the nods to comrades and cohorts, I began my morning; facing again these bulk of paper works over prints be it in hard or soft copies, different stories I may say, While on the view of the sky by my window. Letting the barely not so fresh air to enter. My forest turned to buildings, and my sea turns to an overwhelming crowd. My marveling, now points to papers of multihued issues and questions that needs an intelligent answer, and I started the resolve. Clock ticks by until it reached the afternoon. And the the bulks of paper turns to piles, piles turns to inches, and inches turns to almost none. And my work for today is done. Pressed down the elevator door to the lobby, all nods to comrades and cohorts gone, I approached the turnstiles. With the sky early this morning a color of milky blue and corncob yellow, now a jaw-drop pink, orange and purple-violet-magenta combined. With all the twinkling concoctions. Be it on top of me which is the stars, or by the busy streets of all the skyscrapers, cars and cherry gleams of humanity. This is another marvel to see. And I prefer to walk again, ‘til my feet and toes hurt, and my soul satiated. 

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    "Passion is passion. It’s the excitement between the tedious spaces, and it doesn’t matter where it’s directed…It can be coins or sports or politics or horses or music or faith…the saddest people I’ve ever met in life are the ones who don’t care deeply about anything at all."
    -  Nicholas SparksDear John (via feellng)
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    "People come, people go – they’ll drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in a favorite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book, complete with new characters and adventures. Then you find yourself focusing on the new ones, not the ones from the past."
    - Nicholas SparksThe Rescue (via feellng)
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    "It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on."
    - Nicholas Sparks (via feellng)
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    The Misty Mermaid

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Life is like a Roller-Coaster. It's a fast-phase, adrenaline-pouring, hyper-ventilating ride. By which you have no choice once you give yourself in the moment. All you have to do is feel the thrill, experience every loop-holes, curves, side tracks, struggles, and ups and downs and have fun. :)
Let yourself be a part of these great chained machine. Let yourself experience every straight and tangled pathways in your journey, for life has full of surprises. You laugh now and cry the day after, you cease the day with mourns and swoons and end-up smiling again. And love and hate are always intertwined. Yet sometimes, it's the other way around. Because life is a thread of irony; it's a panorama of joyful grins and melancholy, it's the smile curved in your face and the cuts etched in your wrist... Because it's always the things you've learned from the way you bleed.
Life is unfair but it really is not, it's just a part of the crazy ride we are always in to.

I am Jojo, and I want to showcase it all here in my humble page.
So, brace yourself, hold on to dear life, whether with eyes closed or mouths wide open. Feel everything (with arms thrown in the air) and enjoy this eternal joyride :D